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The Piano Rake
The Piano Rake
The Piano Rake
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The Piano Rake

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Learning how to read piano notes faster doesn't have to be at the cost of your piano's quality. Not anymore.

Yes. I'm talking about those messy piano key stickers that take forever to set up and then wear off after a few days... oh but leave sticky residue that ruins your piano's precious ivory keys. Yuck!


This is why I created The Piano Rake: the better alternative to stickers or marker. It covers 35 keys, from low bass clef G to high treble F (three octaves).

Here's why: 

Installed within seconds. A whole lot faster than applying piano stickers! 


Durable. It doesn't wear off because it is made of durable silicone and each tab moves as the key is played. 


Non-stick. The Piano Rake shape is precisely designed to remain in place without the need to use an adhesive. No more icky residue!

Reusable & removeable. Another aspiring maestro can use it to achieve their dream when you've reached yours! And why not test how well you've memorised the letters and notes! 


The Piano Rake fits to all pianos and keyboards! It is specifically designed to fit the specifications and dimensions of all modern keyboards. Every single brand!

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Join the hundreds of piano maestros who trusted the Piano Rake!

Shipping & Returns

1. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

2. Within 24 hours after your order, you will receive a tracking number via email. You will use this to know where your Piano Rake is real-time through our tracking page here.

3. Shipping Times (Standard Mail)

USA: 4-10 business days

Canada: 8-20 business days

Australia: 2-3 business days, remote 3-7 business days

UK: 1-3 business days from shipment

Rest of World: 7-21 business days


We offer all customers a 30-day money-back guarantee! If your Piano Rake has a defect/damage/missing part or if you are not satisfied in any way, let our support team know and you will receive a partial or full refund. You can read about our return & refund policy to know more about how our refund process works.


Does the Piano Rake support any piano / keyboard types?

Yes. The Piano Rake perfectly fits 88/61/54/49/37-key pianos.

How many keys does The Piano Rake cover?

The Piano Rake covers 35 keys, from G2 to F5 (three octaves). The range is low G bass clef up to high F treble. Ideal for the beginner pianist.

How about the black keys?

Since the Piano Rake only has white keys, all you have to remember is that for black keys, the sharps are to the right and the flats are to the left. 

Do I need more than one (1) Piano Rake to cover the rest of the keys?

One Piano Rake is recommended. Once you master the first few notes using the rake, learning the rest will be a breeze.

You may buy another for the rest of the keys but the notes on the stave are only relevant to the middle section.

Where do you ship from?

We now have global fulfilment based in the USA, Australia and UK.

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